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Trouble Shooting

Trouble with Keyboard – 2eyb6ard Err6r !!

There’s a common problem with especially laptop users with their keyboards – the keyboard behaves abnormally?
2eyb6ard err6r
2eyb6ard he3*
2eyb6ard r6b3e0
2eyb6ard 5ss4es
2eyb6ard br62en
2eyb6ard n40bers
2eyb6ard v5r4s
2eyb6ard tr64b3e
Is this what you see when you try to type in normally? The Solution to this problem is simple. You’re keyboard is NOT spoilt, but you have pressed the NUM-Lock key of your laptop. Disable NUM-Lock by pressing the NUM-Lock Key of your keyboard again. Once this is done, your keyboard will be back to normal ways!
Hope that helps!


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